About Kennelly Performance

 Kennelly Cams founder and director Peter Kennard has always had a fascination with how things work; because knowing how something works, is the first step to making it work better.

 Upon leaving school Peter took up an apprenticeship in Engine Reconditioning where he learnt not only the basics of engine building but also gained much experience in 4, 6, and 8 cylinder performance engines. 

 In 1998, knowing the performance benefits of a good camshaft, Peter took advantage of an opportunity to join the team at Kelford Cams, rebuilding carburetors and designing and manufacturing camshafts.

 Peter's next step, in 2011, was the formation of Kennelly Cams, designing, modifying, and manufacturing camshafts for trade customers, racers and enthusiasts.

 Developing camshafts for a specific application requires an in-depth understanding of how the complete engine package works. From the time air is first drawn in until it exits the tail pipe many complicated things are happening. Cylinder head design, ports and combustion chamber, manifold design, and even the dynamics of the piston/rod/crank combination are just a few of the factors influencing the camshaft design and the characteristics of the engine. It was a fairly obvious step to take the knowledge of this process and use it to not only produce the camshaft, but also produce cylinder heads and complete engine packages that worked together to optimally suit the clients application.

 The machining capabilities were expanded, and more measurement and analysis equipment added, so that Kennelly now has one of the best engine and engine component development facilities in New Zealand.

 Add to that the experience and abilities of Andy Bell, senior engine builder and dyno operator, and Adam Findlay, camshaft grinder and Mitsubishi guru, and you have what is today known as Kennelly Performance. Engines and engineering, or just some friendly advice, in a one stop shop.