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Popular Big Block Chevy Hydraulic Lifter Cam Profiles

Just a few of the more popular performance cam profiles Kennelly Cams supply for the classic Big Block Chevy engine.Don't see the grind you want? Many more profiles available, or we can custom designs to suit your needs.

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Duration @ .050" Cam Lift

Cam Lift

Valve Lift@ 1.52 Rocker Ratio

LCA Application
BM252 206-206 .275"-.275" .418"-.418" 112 Mild upgrade. Torque, towing
BM260 212-218


.441"-.441" 110 Noticable idle in smaller and low compression engines
BM268 218-225 .300"-.300" .456"-.456" 110 Great all round performer in smaller engines
BM274 224-232 .306"-.306" .465"-.465" 112 Great all round performer in bigger engines
BM280 232-236 .318"-.320" .483"-.486" 110 Rock Solid! Big idle sound and great mid-range performer.Suit mild built 396 engines with 9.5:1 comp
BM286 236-242 .320"-.330" .486"-.502 112 Good mid-range and top-end power in larger engines