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At Kennelly Performance the philosophy is better engines through proven analysis and development strategy.
Combined with a high standard of workmanship, camshafts, cylinder heads, and engines of superior quality are provided for every application.
Beginning as camshaft specialists we used our in-depth understanding of how the complete engine package works together, to provide camshafts tailored to every application. Kennelly Performance now use that same knowledge to produce camshafts, cylinder heads, and other components, to create engines that function in harmony to produce better power, driveability, and reliability.
Our range of facilities for camshaft measurement, analysis, design, and production, cylinder head machining and port flow analysis,
and our 800 HP Dynomite engine dyno, allow for exact control of every part of your project.
With over 50 years combined engine development experience, including 15 years specialist camshaft manufacture, and 8 years specialist engine dyno operation, we offer the facilities and the staff expertise that you seek.
Whether you need a camshaft or complete engine, whether you are a back shed restorer or a motorsport professional, no matter what the application, project size, or budget, feel free to phone, email, or call in, for friendly advice on the next phase of your project.  Click To Contact                                                                                                                      

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